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Kitchen & Bath Design Studio



" From a very young age, I have had great fascination for all things beautiful and was aspiring to follow in my grandfather's step and become an architect."

But life had a different plan for me when in my early 20-s I met my husband and we started a family. The dream of creating beautiful spaces for living seemed all but vanished, when few years later I found myself in need of choosing a career path. Interior Design seemed an obvious choice because of the undeniable impact designer's work has on the client's way of living. 

After gaining experience in virtually all kinds of interior design businesses from small boutiques to large showrooms I landed in Reno working exclusively on kitchen and bath remodels at Lowe’s. In 2019, I decided to spread my own wings and open Kitchen ENVY. 

As a designer, I am fascinated by each individual personality I work with and truly believe that happiness is "homemade".  Now, more than ever it's of extreme importance for people to be able to come home to their "happy place", to unwind and relax. Kitchens and baths are where we spend a lot of our time so I take pride in having honed my skill of designing them, to perfection.

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The idea behind my studio is simple: I want to help you put together a beautiful and highly functional space without the hassle of shopping multiple outlets in order to get exactly what you love. I combine years of experience with absolute obsession for all things "design" and invite you to see the difference for yourself. 




At Kitchen ENVY, every cabinet project is unique to match each client’s sense of utility and style. I understand that one size does not necessarily fit all, and every project brings its own particular opportunities for creativity and purpose.


When remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom I prefer to stick to the "bones" of the house it belongs to. I believe that no matter the trend, your house should truly reflect who you are. In my design I practice using natural light and open space to create peaceful and organic feel. 

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Elena Van Brunt
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