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As a general rule, the typical cost of a modest kitchen remodel could be equal to 10-20% of your home's value, depending on the location of the home.

Remodeling a kitchen is more than tearing out old, flimsy cabinets replacing them with the new ones. If properly done, good kitchen remodel is meant not only to improve the way things look, but also improve it's owners way of life.


Think about it, most people spend anywhere between 45% and 65% of the time in the kitchen when at home. The thought of a remodel may sound daunting to most people that haven't tackled a home improvement project of this size before.


Which is why I recommend you hire a Kitchen Designer such as myself to work with you. 

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Kitchen ENVY is here to help you with all your kitchen remodeling needs and happy to guide you through this exciting journey. From kitchen cabinets, to tile and countertops we have everything you need to make your kitchen remodeling a pleasant experience. 

The kitchen is the warm heart of the home: a place to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the nourishment of our bodies and spirits.

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